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Life is like an onion the more you peel, the more you cry-Part II

The girl’s mother informed her that she had a love marriage but family members disapproved of the alliance hence they severed ties with them. However, cracks started appearing in their marital relationship as the girl’s mother became a victim of domestic violence. Later she became pregnant. By the time the girl turned three year old her father would remain missing for weeks. Even though he used to return home but he never offered financial support to his family. The girl’s mother had to relocate to Mumbai for earning her livelihood. The girl’s nani had supported her mother through thick and thin for overcoming all hardship in life.

Finally when the girl turned 19 she noticed her father’s name on the documents but just like me she was using her maternal surname. Father’s name was merely used to fill up spaces in forms. When the girl started earning she had a great desire to meet her father simply because she loved him not because she needed him but to see him. Such type of curiosity is never easy to understand.

One fine day, the girl informed her mother that she was going for an official tour to Shimla. She and her boyfriend reached Orissa and started inquiring about her father. Finally, she successfully found her ‘mama’ uncle, mother’s brother, who was shocked to see his niece who he never thought was alive, he never knew about this girl. Thus the girl finally came to know about her family background. The girl was shocked to know that she was an illegitimate child and nobody was aware about her father’s whereabouts. Her father too was unaware that he had a daughter. He merely committed a rape and went absconding but nobody filed a complaint against him.

The girl’s mother was ill-treated by villagers and she was forced to quit the village. Nobody had sympathy for her as she was considered as a bad omen by villagers.

Later she and her daughter shifted to Mumbai. Some people asked her to become a prostitute or bar dancer which will enable her to earn lumpsum money within a short span of time. However she ended up becoming a full-time maid which became her source of livelihood.

That girl has turned 32 years old, happily married with a 7-year-old daughter, and is working as a data analyst. She is unwilling to disclose her troubled past come with her daughter. The message the girl want to send across is, “Every life has some mysteries, it’s better to forget them rather investigate, because we end up being hurt. If you do so you can never see the world as you had saw before. Certain things are meant to remain secret as you don’t have to know them.” Life is just an onion the more you peel, the more you cry.

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