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Life is like an onion the more you peel, the more you cry

We all need a valid reason to stay alive, some stories we concoct while some are already made. Everyday a new question arises in our mind but just think are we the monk who sold his Ferrari? No not at all we are so busy for survival that we cannot think about owning a Ferrari. We argue while paying autorickshaw fare, filling petrol, gas and water charges. Despite being so busy we end up thinking about those aspects which remain a mystery since our birth or something’s which we really don’t know. Just remember that we are just not the one who becomes victims in fact everybody around us are sailing in the same boat.

I am accustomed to writing about the experiences shared by people about their lives as we get to learn a lot from them. Similarly, I came across one incident which raised several questions in my mind and also left me speechless. I cannot elaborate the details due to space constraints neither can I disclose their identity.

So let’s start. A little girl and her mother hailing from Orissa have been residing in Mumbai since more than three decades. Her mother had to undergo severe hardships for feeding two members. With the passage of time, as the little girl grew up she became curious to know about her background. She wanted to know about her father and why is he missing from her life? One day she became courageous and finally broke her silence and asked her mother, “Mom why is dad missing? What exactly happened and why did he abandon us?’

The mother replied, “He never wanted us so he left us.”

Obviously, it was difficult for the mother to give reply to the questions asked by her daughter but since she was an adult hence she became more curious to know about her father. She wanted to know the reality as she was not a child anymore to be shooed off with one line answer.

Day by day she began nagging her mother by asking “When did you get married? Was it a love or arranged marriage? How come we only speak to nani and not dadi? Didn’t they try to find about our whereabouts? Where do we stay in Orissa? Why does only nani comes once in a year to meet us, why nobody else? What about your brother?

(This is a first part of the article and the remaining part will continue tomorrow)

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