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Liposuction is an outdated and painful process

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Parag-TelangA graduate from Sir J.J Group of Hospitals, Dr. Parag Telang is a young and dedicated Cosmetic Surgeon based in Mumbai. He also has a Gold Medal in Fellow of College of Physicians and Surgeons (F.C.P.S) Mumbai exams in General Surgery. Besides this, he is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons( M.R.C.S) of United Kingdom (U.K) and a Diplomate of the National Board, New Delhi ( D.N.B) in General Surgery.

Dr. Telang has been a recipient of many prestigious awards including Gray Medal in Anatomy (1999), Gool Contractor Award for Best Trauma Resident (2005-2006) and Best Superspeciality Resident (2008-2009). He has also been a recipient of the BBraun Medical Trust Foundation Scholarship for Excellence in Education for the year 2005-2006.

His areas of special interest include MACS-Lift for facial rejuvenation, minimal access facial aesthetic surgery, body contouring and ear reconstruction. He also dedicates a considerable time in his practice to rhinoplasty and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. He is one of the pioneers in Stem cell enriched fat grafting for breast augmentation in India. He is a Director of Designer Bodyz, the Centre for Advanced Cosmetic surgery. In an interview with our Editor in Chief Vaidehi Sachin, Dr. Parag Telang spoke about the difference between non-surgical weight reduction and surgical way of losing weight and liposuction

As a cosmologist what are those biggest myth about beauty that you want to clarify? I mean by performing surgeries anyone can become anybody?
As long as one is clearly in the know about which treatment they want to have or how much their body or face will be changed, there is no problem. There is no myth in beauty related surgeries. Problem starts when they relate their physical appearance with their career and other activities or blaming previous surgery.

Recently many deaths have occurred due to liposuction, however safe it may be?

Liposuction is an outdated method. It is a painful process where bruising in skin also takes place. Mechanical force of an operating surgeon also applied on it. There is also a theoretical risk of fat entering the blood stream and causing fat embolism because fat gets aspirated in the form of clumps. Before going for any treatment, the best option is to verify the surgeon, his past history, experience and qualifications.

What is the biggest difference between non-surgical weight reduction and surgical way of losing weight?
The problem with non-surgical methods is that the fat comes back. Additionally, we don’t know where this fat will accumulate; it might be cloged in our coronary arteries? Therefore, in France for example, they have put a moratorium on use of these methods till further information is obtained. The results of surgical methods are quite long-lasting.

What are the biggest challenges that you face as a doctor?
The biggest challenges is to make patients understand that fat is a dynamic entity. I can remove the fat but they have to eat healthy and be active to maintain the figure.

Is it affordable for the common man?
The treatments are very much affordable to the common man. India has the lowest surgical fees in the entire world. Additionally, we are providing EMI facility at our clinic, if needed.

Who should undergo such treatments and what are the do’s and don’ts of surgical beautification?
Anybody can go for the beauty procedures, whether one is a good candidate or not. It can be ascertained by a board-certified plastic surgeon. The do’s and don’ts vary with each procedure.

What are the risks involved in such procedures?
The risks are related to anaesthesia and a person’s general level of fitness. So, people with hypertension, diabetes or heart ailments are more at risk.

How much desired change can be guaranteed by doctors?
A qualified plastic surgeon trained in cosmetic surgery can give you guarantee for getting good results.

Do people suffer from any identity crises issues after facial surgery?
Yes, it takes some time for a person to get used to a different face. I have seen people having a crisis sometimes when their relatives and friends do not recognise them because their look has changed.

Do people undergo surgeries as they crave for looking more beautiful or is it due to circumstances?
It’s both. Media creates a lot of images about the ideal body and face. So, there are also a craving to “look beautiful” to match up. Especially, people in the entertainment industry are forced to look good to sustain in the industry, professionally. In the HD era, even minor blemishes get highlighted.

Have you ever faced awkward situations from patients?
Thankfully, I have not faced any awkward situations from my patients. I believe, it is because of the intensive counselling and giving realistic expectations to them.

What is your message to our readers?
Please choose your doctor wisely. Verify their qualifications and expertise. A Plastic surgeon with focus on cosmetic surgery is the best guarantee for getting good results.

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