Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Listen to saner voices

I saw an interview on television with Harish Salve who is a composed and balanced man. It was always advocated that television anchors must act responsibly. They have social responsibility to discharge especially because we have lot of illiterate and semi-literate population who are looking for good guidance. Salve should be lauded because he laid emphasis on this issue not once but thrice in a very sober tone. The next aspect that I liked was when he said, don’t go to a troubled spot to show that things are not working, instead take corrective steps to get the work done. Once again, a hue and cry is being raised about Jan Lokpal and Anna Hazare is again trying to find a platform to keep appearing on television incessantly.

Hazare must be snubbed. Go and plead for action against persons already well known to be corrupt and not create disorder.

Arvind Kejriwal has threatened to quit if Lok Pal is not passed in the state assembly where as Yogendra Yadav wants to challenge Narendra Modi. He tends to give importance to the contest between Modi and Kejriwal. Why doesn’t Kejriwal or Yadav contest election against Narendra Modi and see what happens? Lieutenant Governor of Delhi must not wait for numbers. He must forward a report to the President as per his own judgment and dismiss this showy government and improve the system. Plenty of mischief is happening in Delhi. Another aspect, I appreciate about Harish is his honest declaration that the India story is over. He is indeed issued a courageous statement.

Who will invest in India when instability is prevailing and the decision making has slowed down as file needs to proceed from one department to the other. Despite so much delay, there is no guarantee that you will not be made to suffer losses at a later date. When I had gone to UPSC in 1981, Captain Kataria had asked me to take into consideration the economics of sea transport while discharging my duty? Alas! No one seems to be asking such a question now.

With the Lok Sabha election merely few months away messages must be aired on television channels appealing people to give mandate for a single party. Fractured mandate must be avoided at all cost as it would prove disastrous for the nation. At sea, we give too much importance to obedience and discipline. Leaders like Kejriwal will be thrown out in no time. The song, “Hum layen hain toofan se kashti nikal ke…”, should be on our lips to keep cautioning us.

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