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Local trains: The lifeline of Mumbaikar’s

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Mumbai is known as the city of dreams and life here is all about following your vision.  Thousands of people come here every day to follow their dreams. Mumbai is also known as busiest city. Here every person’s day starts early from 5 am. Travelling is more time consuming be it traffic of vehicles on road or local modes of transport. Every single second means a lot to people.  One minute of work delay can bring some kind of loss to them. More than life time is important for mumbaikar. Mostly people here commute by local train to avoid traffic and to reach their destination on time.  Suburban trains are the most popular and quickest way of commuting in Mumbai.

Mumbai locals are called as the lifeline of the city, with almost all of the city’s inhabitants relying on them to reach office or other destinations at some point of time. Many of them depend on these services on a daily basis. It is also reported that, Mumbai Suburban Railways operates over 2,300 train services every single day.

Mumbai’s local trains give a whole new meaning to the concept of overcrowding. People hang out from the train gates to save that one minute and not to be late. Mumbai city’s local rail network is the busiest commuter train system in the world; with 7.5 million people using the trains to travel daily, it is no surprise that overcrowding, here reaches epic proportions.

Trains are literally overcrowded during peak hours, with commuters spilling out of the doors, windows and every nook and corner. Wherever you can get a foothold you will find someone hanging on. Sadly, commuters are forced to take big risks, gambling with their lives, just to reach their workplace on time. It isn’t uncommon to see commuters climbing onto the top of trains or sitting on the narrow connecting-pipes, between coaches.

Due to daily rush many people met with accident. Instead of changing coach’s interior railways should introduce more trains.Reportedly, every day 10 to 12 people meet with accident while commuting on suburban trains. Accidents occur because some people use railway tracks for crossing, while some of them stand on footboard, half of the people lean out when train is overcrowded.


In 2016-17, 607 people were injured or killed in train accidents, in 2017-2018, the number stood at 254. While derailments have come down from 78 in 2016-2017 to 54 in 2017-2018, accidents at level crossings stood at 13 in 2017-2018 as compared to 30 the previous year.

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