Madaari makers miffed with Great Grand Masti’s preponement?


The makers of the sex comedy Great Grand Masti must be congratulating themselves for their quick-thinking strategy of preponing their film after it was leaked online. The film, which was to be released on July 22, would now be released on July 15, thereby generating an unexpected competition for Nishikant Kamat’s political thriller Madaari featuring Irrfan Khan.

Great Grand Masti-AV
Madaari has now been shifted from July 15 to July 22 since the high-profile Great Grand Masti’s producers Balaji Films and Ashok Thakeria were expected to now block a majority of the screens and theatres for the sex comedy, leaving Madaari with the leftover outlets on July 15.

While outwardly, the Madaari team feigns resignation at the unexpected turn of events, a source from the film says angrily, “This is the exactly kind of intrusion that kills the movie business. We had announced Madaari for July 15 three months back. Suddenly, this raunchy sex comedy comes to bite us from behind. Not fair! Look what happened to Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale when it insisted on coming in the same Friday as Bajirao Mastani. ”

However, just a day before the Madaari was postponed, director Nishikant Kamat remained outwardly unperturbed. “Madaari and Great Grand Masti belong to completely different genres. They both have a mutually exclusive audience. As long as they both get enough screens, they should not affect each other.”

Producer Shailesh Singh admitted this was an unexpected setback, but, was determined to releaseMadaari as per schedule. “I don’t think the two films are competition for one another. But, they are coming on the same Friday. What happened with Great Grand Masti-the online leakage – was very unfortunate. Now, the two films will bear the consequences.”

Hours later, the Madaari producers took a collective decision to flee competition from the sex comedy, never mind if it was leaked online.