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Maharashtra state government and BMC has done a commendable job to protect people from COVID-19

It’s been more than twenty days people are forced to stay inside their home for their own good, but this is all possible feel good factor if your pocket is full to sustain no work loses. There are many in Mumbai who keep their tummy on hand, earn for a day and live. If they don’t work for single day the fire in their kitchen is turned off. Well! These challenges are deadlier than the coronavirus. When it comes to survival, people want to depart living satisfied life than remain hungry and poverty stricken to keep oneself safe. The time is passing, economy has crashed, survival became challenge, many lost their jobs, some returned to their states and their lives became disastrous. Just two meals a day is not enough to solace oneself when you have many dependents looking at your face with expectations. Life has its own challenges so the nation and state and the society.

In spite of all this the Maharashtra state government and BMC has really done a commendable job to protect people from COVID-19, the numbers of casualties and infections have been under control, unlike other advanced countries such as USA, China, Italy, Spain, Iran, etc. A lockdown alone has ensured fifty percent safety from COVID-19, it has definitely reduced the spread of the virus. By practicing social distancing and curbing industrial/educational/social activity, the possible multiplication of the virus has definitely been controlled. The best way to combat the unprecedented outbreak of deadly corona virus for all countries is to ramp up their testing programs. Find those who are sick, those who have the virus, and isolate them, find their contacts and isolate them. Test, Test and Test that is what is needed on urgent priority, state government is going door to door and doing exactly the same, by tracking people’s travel history. Lockdown has slowdown the rate of spread and prevent the health care system from being utterly overwhelmed. And we all are aware that lockdown phase is extremely costly socially, politically and economically.

Life may feel very hard and very stressful over the next several months. But know: This pandemic will end eventually. What we don’t yet know is when and how the lockdown will be eased depends on the common exit strategy between the central government, states and UTs. The states have been asked to send their suggestions. Now many state govts are looking ready to fight finish battle with corona, they are making screenings and tests on larger scale. Once the lockdown ends, it will be hard for the states to contain the spread of coronavirus as people will once again be able to come in close contact with friends, neighbors, colleagues and other people. It will now depend on people, how they are able to maintain physical distance from one-another and how they are able to protect themselves from coronavirus. Awareness needs to be spread among masses about this pandemic and what steps people can take to keep themselves safe from getting infected. In India, the government is formulating some phase wise easing of the lockdown of the states and UTs. It will be dividing states into 4 categories and on that basis various services will be resumed in them.

States where more than 50 cases of COVID-19 have been reported will be put under some specific category. Such states will remain under complete lockdown and all services will remain suspended, other than the essential ones. States and UTs will be put in the category if they have two or more cases per 10 lakh population or if more than 40 per cent of the districts are affected from the virus.

States with more than 20 cases, 30 per cent affected districts and 1-2 cases per 10 lakh population will be put in the third category. In these states, lockdown will continue, but some restrictions might be eased along with essential services. Some states will include those states which have reported less than 20 cases of coronavirus and less than 30 per cent of the districts are affected from the deadly virus. Also, these states must have one or less than one cases per 10 lakh population. In some category will include those states which have reported less than five cases so far and no fresh cases have been reported in the last seven days.

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