Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Maneka Gandhi is right  

The Union minister Mrs. Maneka Gandhi has rightly said that the Bollywood has spoiled the clean image of the common Indian women by showing them in so many scenes in extremely shortest possible dresses, just as an ‘item girl,’ nothing more than that. Unfortunately this menace is being followed by nearly all the TV serials, award nights, useless IPL cricket matches and what not. Even some dances, by these Bollywood women are representing all the common Indian women, are choreographed in its worst way ever. This menace is now being followed by all the girls and women in India blindly, without thinking of its undesired probable results. All such scenes affect adversely the Indian man and incite them to commit undesired crime of rape, because they don’t get ‘Katrinas,’ ‘Karinas,’ ‘Kangnas’ etc.. Therefore the need of hour is to ask Bollywood and all such ‘entertaining’ industries never to show any woman in short dresses and also as the ‘item girls’ in any dance or any other scene, anywhere under the excuse of ‘the demand of the scene.’ Unless Bollywood and the so called ‘modern, forward and advance’ women change their thought and dressing style, there can be no change in the man’s mindset, set so far by the all the aforesaid ‘entertaining’ industries and people.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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