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Men’s attitude towards women needs to change-Part I

We are in the 21st century, but the mentality of most of the men remains unchanged. Because of a certain percentage of males who indulge in wrong and immoral activities, the whole male section is disgraced. Why women have to undergo so much discrimination? Why are the girls ill-treated in rural areas? Gender inequality continues to exist in our society as the crime rate against women has increased by the year. There are so many restrictions and instructions given to girls and women, why is it so like that? Doesn’t she have her own right of freedom? Sometimes it seems that women are just like some object or puppet in the hands of the men. Some men merely look at her as a sex object for deriving sexual pleasure.

Men usually misbehave with them in crowded areas, workplaces, and even at home (domestic violence). Housewives are physically assaulted most of the time by their drunken husbands. If a woman is really strong enough to go through it all, she does take action against the accused. However, most of the time justice is delayed and she faces bad consequences (life-threatening) for taking action against him. It hurts the male ego when a female is rewarded better and when she excels in her tasks. They eventually think of evil plans to undermine her leading to crime. Life has become so tough now for women that if she remains out of her house after 9 pm due to some reason, questions are raised about her character.

Education will put an end to all the problems. When a person is educated he will think logically before taking any action. A woman is really strong emotionally and mentally, especially when she is employed, since she manages her house and performs at workplace too. But then matters begin to worsen when the husband and family don’t understand and starts doubting her. On a professional note as well she also has to face problems. If she happens to enter a male-dominated space, they won’t have any objection but don’t like it when she climbs the ladder of success faster than them. Men feel that the prestige associated with that job is reduced when a woman enters it. There needs to be a change in the way men think about women. A change in their mentality towards women will reduce the crime rate.

(This is a first part of the article and the remaining part will continue tomorrow)

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