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Men’s attitude towards women needs to change-Part II

This generation has seen a lot of violence and crime, what about the next generations to come? Looking at current scenario, what values and principles will be instilled in the young minds? The discriminatory attitude towards women has been existing in our society since the past so many years. Even though the constitution has given equals rights to all, still gender inequality is very rampant. Today women step out of the house in fear of becoming a victim to eve-teasing, molestation, rape, gang rape, murder by those crooked men. Protests, candlelight marches, strikes are held to pass legislations where everyone feels secure, be it a man or woman and the culprits should be brought to book. These protests happen as people have lost faith in the Indian judicial system. Several questions remain to be answered and let’s not forget that to every problem, there’s a solution. It only begins from when and where we start to apply it in our lives.

The sad reality is that today we are living in an ever-increasing violent society where personal safety is an issue of concern especially for women. Women must follow these steps to enhance their safety.

Self-defense by kicking to the groin and a few punches. Women should be aware of the area they are entering to. Avoid going to unfamiliar places after sunset.

  • Use your intuition- Females have a strong intuition power of the situation and people. Learn to trust that power if you don’t feel safe with the person then please stay away from them.
  • Escape – When you feel that you are being followed, run as fast as you can. Approach a person who will help you.
  • Pepper Spray – Always carry a pepper or chilli spray in your handbag. It will come handy to use when you are in trouble.
  • Travel in group as much as possible – Always travel with some friend or companion. Say ‘NO’ to lifts offered by unknown people. Several rape incidents have occurred when women are commuting in bus or car. Keep all the doors of the car locked so that no one can forcibly enter inside your vehicle.
  • Cyberspace security – Keep all your personal details and information confidential. Update your privacy settings from time to time, if you’re a user of any social networking site.

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