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Modi to win India in 2019 — Part I

No one can say “NO” that India is now the world’s fastest-growing major economy and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won praises for shepherding that momentum. PM Narendra Modi comes across as an effective administrator and a proud Indian nationalist. He is also a policy maven — introverted, precise, and even passionate about the most technical of subjects. Image of Narendra Modi is considered of a stern administrator and protective strict discipline. The man “MODI – Ek Swayamsevak”, the man who has never thought for him, he has just given his life for the Bharat Mata. Majority of the population feels and thinks that Modi could change fortune of the nation with his strategies and policies.

As per the Survey, it is said that there are more people in the country today who believe that Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government does not merit another opportunity to govern India after the 2019. There is hardly a leader in the opposition camp who can give a competition to Modi. Narendra Modi is unstoppable. BJP is well entrenched in every state. Its leadership is proactive. It is for all the purposes that he has become a dynamic indefatigable party persisting tirelessly in bits endeavor. No party or group of parties can match BJP or Modi. BJP is sure to win once again with a mandate to rule for another five years. One may agree that as per the political analysts who believe that the performance of the Modi government has been unsatisfactory and a few seem to believe that the Bharatiya Janata Party won’t return to power but if we look at a glance in 2014, Modi powered BJP to a landslide victory. That was the first time in around three decades when any party won a full majority on its own in the Lok Sabha polls. Since 2014, several surveys have suggested Modi’s popularity remains high. Modi dominates the politics of India the way that no other figure has done in decades and we do not find any opposition figure who can compare with him in stature, experience or presence. The manner in which the BJP has established its presence demonstrates how much popular faith it has won in more than four years of its tenure at the centre. Modi is the first PM who has popularity all over the world for his excellent and dynamic presentation making India very stable despite too much opposition. No politician in the past 30 years has occupied the public’s mind space as Modi has. The nation trusts Modi and so his policies should come up to the expectations and within the reach of the needy and poor. The most impressive passion that Modi has exuded are the passion for development, the passion for uplifting the living standards of the people in India and the joy with which he recounted simple yet memorable data-points.

No doubt, the regional parties are strong in their states and certainly can give good fight to BJP in their states but they have their own limitations. People even now believe Modi as a messiah sent to redeem them. When it comes to Parliament election, their invariable option is Modi and BJP. One agrees that Modi has done some good things and some bad in the opinion of general public but his governance has been a lot better than previous MMS Govt. But Modi and his aides should not take things for granted because the electorate in India is a silent killer.

                  (This is the first part of the Diary and the latter part will continue on Sunday.)

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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