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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Modi to win India in 2019 – Part II

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Because of Modi’s interaction with the world’s leaders he has put India in a high position. India has also won hearts of many foreign investors who consider investing in India during Modi’s regime would be profitable. He has represented India internationally, so effectively that other countries also feel like dropping down their guns and getting into common grounds. He has focused on various policies such as economic policies, health and sanitation policies, Hindutva and education policies, foreign policies, defence policy, environment policies, governance and other initiatives. His policy of Demonetisation also helped the government to bring out black money from corrupt people. The implementation of the new GST Policy is also contributing a lot to our economic growth.

In India, today there are very less politicians who are given respect and Modi is one of them. He is the man who is capable of carving a line on waters. Beside demonetisation and the Goods and Service Tax, rising unemployment and spiralling distress in the farming industry are also expected to cause Modi some electoral headaches in 2019. But Modi is confident that BJP will get more seats than they got the last time and will break all records of the seats won by NDA (National Democratic Alliance) in the past and achieve greater glory.

Simply put, the farmers and the unemployed are two more groups that could put Modi out of office. According to one survey, though Modi’s popularity has seen a decline in the past one year, he is still way ahead of his rivals. Around 63 per cent of those who were surveyed say that Modi is their top choice for the PM post, and just 34 per cent of the respondents agreed that they want to see Rahul Gandhi as their next prime minister. Secondly, one of the BJP’s greatest strengths is having capable leaders in several states, many of whom who have completed more than one term.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is surpassing Congress president Rahul Gandhi as the country’s next PM, according to the nationwide findings of the Political Stock Exchange. No doubt, the BJP has also faced criticism from Hindu nationalist groups unhappy at the delay in building a temple to the deity Ram in his fabled birthplace, Ayodhya, and unemployment also remains a problem despite high economic growth. The Prime Minister enjoys higher ratings than Rahul Gandhi among every caste group. People who are talking against Modi are the ones most affected by his onslaught on corruption. Irrespective of the results Modi has changed the narrative of Indian politics viz. Modi remains by far the most popular politician in India today and his party is a formidable election-winning machine.

Only performers have won the election. Mere criticism will not have the desired effect if it is not substantiated. The message is very positive and peoples interest lies in the progress and not in unnecessary protest and slogans. Modi is more popular among the masses than any other politician; tends to reach hearts and minds of people where ever he goes. Most importantly, he knows how to create that magic which people expects for. Indian voters want a strong and decisive central government to deliver on India’s promise as a big economy and one of the potential drivers of global growth.

Vinod C. Dixit


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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