Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Modi’s master stroke

The year 2017 was ruthless and the Union Government took some important decisions to ensure that Indian money did not lose its colour and value in a corrupt country like ours. From getting a signature on a government order with green colour pen we paid Rs.2/ and that touched an enormous proportion of Rs.2 lakh by Sept 2016. There was a need for putting a full stop and bring in an ordinance to make sure we abide by the rules and pay price for complacency in taking the laws in our own hand. After the award vapasi and intolerance there was need to bring the corruption not with money power but with a different option. Modi’s master stroke in announcing demonetisation and thereby keeping the corrupt on the tender hooks and to make them earn their bread by hard work is laudable. The PM means business and made it clear that the government will protect the honest and announced new sops on the occasion of New Year. We heard the late Dr. J. Jayalalithaa was also ruthless like Modi and brought in several changes and that helped the poor very much even now after her death.  Modi did make his mind and his masterstroke of helping the urban poor, small businessmen and the senior citizens and has exceeded all the expectations and ended the year on a very bright note.

Nickhil Mani

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