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Mr. Badal knows it all?

In a suspected terror attack gunmen fired indiscriminately in Punjab’s Dinanagar town in the frontier district of Gurdaspur, leaving seven dead, including police officials. Dinanagar town is close to the Jammu and Kashmir border. No doubt that there is going to be a political discourse on the instant militant attack on a police station in Gurdaspur with allegations and counter allegations. However, what is alarming and need to be focus of all debates by the pundits of the subject, is the sudden switch in the pattern of operation of, presumably, Pakistan based terrorist groups. Though, it is premature at this juncture to presume, but it appears handiwork of Pakistan sponsored terrorism. Now here the question arises that where do these terrorists come from, possibly not from the Punjab borders. It is also possible that the group infiltrated in J & K and then came down to Punjab and thereby given a food for thought to our thinkers on the subject. In either case it is a new dimension, design of which need to be understood by us and acted accordingly.

Moreover, Badal is very expert on the game of creating terror and cash in during elections time. If you read history of Punjab specially a book Galant Defender by AR Darshi, you will know the true faces of many Punjab’s politicians. There is an old man named Bapu Surat Singh on hunger strike. His motive is to get out of jail Sikh prisoners who have completed their jail terms. Badal is tight lipped on this issue and also sent his team of politicians to North America to publicize his good deeds and they got huge Opposition here. So, now he knows that people’s minds needs to be diverted from these issues because Bapu Surat Singh is getting unconditional support from maximum Punjabis across the globe. Otherwise what the heck terrorists will get from a small town like Dinanagar? I am just writing the possibility of this attack. This can be more of politically motivated. Whosoever is the culprit, but the sufferers are common people.

There are couple of other dimensions to be considered, Badal has tested this same strategy couple of months ago with a Sikh religious tour of relics of Gurus, the gurus were attacked by some unknown elements and that became national news. During that time, Badal was in the mid of controversy because a teenage girl died after she and her mother jumped off a running bus after being allegedly molested by a helper of the bus. According to the information, 38-year-old woman was travelling with her 16-year old daughter on a bus (registration number PB 10C 1813) belonging to Orbit bus company (which is owned by Badal). The woman was injured while her daughter got killed. After the attack on Sikh Gurus the molestation news went out of the headlines and Badal once again managed to get some sympathy and attention with religious attack.
Now just assume this situation if attackers proved to be Muslims, then the issue will be in national media and Badal can say we are under fear of Jammu and Kashmir’s terrorism. So, we must get some help. And whatever he milks from centre will be shown as his victory and hard work. On the other hand if the attackers are found to be Sikh, which I doubt they might but still, then he will promote in mainstream media that pro-Khalistanis are again trying to disturb peaceful Punjab.

On the other hand, Badal is under criticism for his silence on some really important Sikh and Punjab issues. They needed a strong issue or incident to divert attention of people. Punjab is stuffing with many issues and people are angry with the government. It has a collateral damage but it works 99 times out of 100. This attack will give Badal double advantages, one he can pressurise and threat BJP that they cannot control Punjab if militancy comes back. Two, he can put as many opponents behind the bars in the name of law and order that people will stop raising voice against him and the issue of Bapu Surat Singh hunger strike will be ignored if not forgotten. So, he will be benefitted in either situation. Our country is in danger with dirty politics than the terrorists. These traitor politicians know how to twist the issues to their advantage at the cost of few lives.

Five people, including two Punjab police personnel, were killed and several injured in an early morning (suspected) terror attack. As usual, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a high-level meeting with Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and other senior government functionaries to take a stock of the situation. However, all of them were busy in spreading their emotions on social networking sites.

The incident took place at around 5-30 a.m. when the terrorists, who are suspected to have sneaked in through the Indo-Pakistan border in Jammu, first targeted a bus ferrying civilians and then stormed into the police station. Following an alert, combing operations led to discovery of five improvised explosive devices on the railway tracks connecting Dinanagar to Pathankot. The National Security Guards has also been rushed in to carry out bomb detection and disposal operations. These kinds of attacks must be condemned. However, we as a citizen of this country should also look in to the issue around us. Such attacks in remote place killing innocent people early in the morning have no reason or motive. As usual, we wind up the topic on assumptions and eyewash…the actual preparatory always get scot free.

Dr Vaidehi Taman
Dr Vaidehi an Accredited Journalist from Maharashtra is bestowed with Honourary Doctorate in Journalism, Investigative Journalist, Editor, Ethical Hacker, Philanthropist, and Author. She is Editor-in-Chief of Newsmakers Broadcasting and Communications Pvt. Ltd. for 11 years, which features an English daily tabloid – Afternoon Voice, a Marathi web portal – Mumbai Manoos, monthly magazines like Hackers5, Beyond The News (international) and Maritime Bridges. She is also an EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Security Analyst and is also a Licensed Penetration Tester which caters to her freelance jobs.

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