Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Yesterday I was reading all the updates and reports pertaining to the Charlie Hebdo incident. Eventually we all friends started discussing about freedom of press, which is still suppressed under the influence of religion. No doubt that the damage has been done which is irreversible. At the end the law enforcement of Paris has taken a severe jolt, it has affected them in every way, their reputation and their security panel has come under scanner.

Why are questions raised against Muslims every time? Ok, you Muslims feel bad when others hurt your religious sentiments, your culture. Is retaliating with bombs, gun, or killing the only solution to address this issue? Have these militants ever thought because of their act millions of other innocent Muslims are targeted all over the globe.

Let it be 26/11, 9/11, Charlie Hebdo etc these incidents have affected and affects all the Muslims around the globe. Just think about that particular Muslim man who is working with peace and harmony in his office and is nowhere related to terrorism not even in his own dreams. He also becomes a part of mockery at the work place. For an example some people make fun of him and say, “News dekh tere rishtedaro ne firse bomb blast kiya,”

Things have become so bad that watching a India-Pakistan match with sportsman spirit has also become difficult for us. People also make fun of a Muslim supporting Indian team as they say “Man hi man tho tu Pakistan ko support kar raha hoga, sab tere jaat wale hai na”

Now how do you expect a Muslim to tolerate such harsh comments passed like a joke?

Even women have become victims of racism. You find many women commuting in local trains by wearing burkha. Their co-passengers start discussing why they wear burkha on such a warm sunny day don’t they feel hot? There will be a lady who will definitely poke and say “Kaha garmi lagti hai andar usne thodi salwaar kameez peheni hogi” followed by sarcastic smiles and laughs. Yes many women think that Muslim girls only wear hijab while leaving their homes. After entering in the train they remove them and roam in short clothes or they only use burkha when they have to make out with their boyfriends on bandstand or any lovers point.

Do only Muslim girls take advantage of their Hijab? There are many Hindu girls who also possess a burkha which is worn while travelling with their boy friends on bike or to make out. Actually, we don’t even know that a girl wearing hijab is Muslim or a Hindu. However, housewives seldom understand these aspects as they have a narrow mindset against hijab and Muslims.

Just think about those Muslim girls who really follow their religion and actually wear Hijab. How these girls must be reacting to all the harsh comments passed by people against them.

Non-Muslims have objections if a Muslim girl wears shorts, one piece, jeans. They will say, “Tum Muslamano main aise kapde pehena allowed nahi hai na, tere ghar wale kuch nahi bolte kya?”

Some of us don’t want to accept both the sides. Either you wear and get mocked or you don’t wear and encounter all these funny questions. Let people follow their own choice don’t be suspicious about every Muslim you meet. Many innocent Muslims are already living a frustrated life. Support them and help them and live happily together.

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