Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Why is the nation facing currency shortage?

Prime Minister owes the nation an explanation for the shortage of valid currency notes in the system as even the Supreme Court has now pulled the government for the hardships faced by the citizens. Everybody appreciates the move to eradicate ‘Black Money’ but poor execution has reduced demonetization to just checking and forfeiting fake currency which is good but the prime purpose was curbing unaccounted wealth and that theme unfortunately has not succeeded or lost in the hullabaloo. India is a manufacturing hub and it should not be difficult to print or mint the required currency though one understands that it has to be done under top security and secrecy. Modi should intervene in this process though one understands it is the job of RBI to print notes so that the whole exercise is speeded up and normalcy is restored from the beginning of the New Year!

S.N. Kabra    

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