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We need to overcome the system flaws

This refers to Afternoon Voice’s Nation news ‘Pradyuman murder accused confessed crime in presence of his father: CBI tells court’ (November 10). Whosoever have had tried to save this Class 11 student, are equally guilty for the crime. From the facts coming forward, a valid question emerges as to by whom, how and under what provisions the arbitrarily accused bus conductor Ashok Kumar will be compensated for the physical and psychological torture he and his family underwent due to police pressure as well as administrative misconception? Innocent Pradyuman Thakur lost his life. But the entire life of the bus conductor Ashok Kumar and his family also got stigmatised for no fault of theirs. Moreover, the real culprit, Class 11 student will conveniently get absolved of his criminality on medical as well as his being juvenile account. This is the great torturous ambiguity in our system, needed to overcome. How will the police and the administrative machinery ever come clean on their working? The school authorities, being lax despite knowing the health-plight of the criminal Class 11 student, should be held mainly responsible for compensating monetarily to Ashok Kumar and the parents of Pradyuman Thakur.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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