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Nerve agent that killed Kim within 20 mins caused ‘very serious paralysis’

Malaysia’s health minister says the dose of poison given to North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un’s half brother was so high that it killed him “within 15-20 minutes.”

Autopsy results on Kim Jong-Nam suggest he was killed by “very serious paralysis” due to a lethal nerve agent, Malaysia’s health minister said Sunday, as the airport terminal where he was assassinated was given the all-clear.

The estranged half-brother of the North Korean leader would have died “in a very short period of time”, Health Minister S. Subramaniam added.

Malaysia revealed on Friday that the 45-year-old victim was killed with the VX nerve agent, which is so deadly it is listed by the UN as a weapon of mass destruction.

Police are holding two women suspected of staging the attack as well as a North Korean man.

They want to speak to seven other North Koreans including a senior embassy official, but four of the suspects fled Malaysia on the day of the murder.

The two women can be seen shoving something into Kim’s face in leaked CCTV airport footage of the brazen February 13 attack. He later suffered a seizure and was dead before he reached the hospital.

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