Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Nitish is perfect politician

Politics is a tricky ground, where each and every move counts.  By having the support of RJD and Congress, Nitish Kumar assumed office as Chief Minister with Grand alliance tag and now betrayed people by joining the Saffron party had done injustice to the people of Bihar. Nobody expected a turnaround in politics and Nitish Kumar cashed in the lost opportunity by joining with Modi.  He was very particular that the corrupt  Lalu Yadav’s son should resign of his own after charges were leveled against him.  But Nitish could not prevail over Tejaswani, and the resultant action saw a split in the Grand Alliance and Nitish joining forces with BJP. It is a typical anti-climax for the Grand Alliance as corruption carried the day in an action packed sequence of events.  JD (U) rebels could not put up a brave front in front of Nitish, and the resultant action saw RJD in the wilderness, and Congress left in the lurch. Congress is facing defeat after defeat in every front and under Rahul Gandhi failed to achieve anything special in the last three years, and there is a need for a change at the top in Congress before the situation goes out of hand. In the bargain, Nitish Kumar became a total politician that outwitted all the forces just in one stroke.

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