Thursday, September 23, 2021
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No suspicion over Judge Loya’s death

Judge Loya, who was hearing Shorabuddin’s fake encounter case, has allegedly died of a cardiac arrest in Nagpur in front of many people, who attended a marriage of Loya’s colleague and the death was twisted to take political mileage after 14 years. Who is playing a dirty politics on such sensitive issues is a strange one! It appears as though the opposition is trying to win back power by hook or crook in the midst of BJP sweep all over the country. Actually there are more serious matters which require investigation. It is widely believed that a powerful international religious body is involved in a scheme to marry off a foreigner to a former powerful political heir so that this country’s basic tenets of culture and political path can be radically altered. Pie on the face for a New Delhi news channel and others who wanted to spin this into a political issue.  It is really shame on them. India is fed up with this sort of politics. Thus, a political game is played from the backdrop and even judiciary was not spared to give colour in a desperate move. There is no suspicion over Judge Loya’s death as such.

Nickil Akhilesh

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