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Now, countdown for Modi has begun

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the ideological mentor of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), went into a disheartened with humiliating defeat in the Delhi Assembly elections. The reason might be the old and dedicated ground level ‘Karyakartas’ in BJP are not only sidelined but they also being humiliated and insulted by Team Modi. Hundreds of BJP’s general secretaries and workers of various wings have not been allotted any work. Many announcements are withheld in the party. One after the other controversial decisions by Amit Shah and Narendra Modi have really affected the party and its future prospects. One such decision was declaring Kiran Bedi as the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate and her defeat from Krishna Nagar constituency. Krishna Nagar constituency was a BJP bastion represented by Union Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, an old RSS hand many times. Assembly elections concluded in Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand, where BJP won and formed a government saw the RSS playing a vital role in deciding their chief ministers. Both PM Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah are former RSS pracharaks. The RSS, which played a crucial role in Modi’s spectacular victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, had again put its weight behind the BJP in the Delhi campaign. Yet, the BJP suffered one of its worst defeats ever, winning a mere three seats. The Aam Aadmi Party won a whopping 67 of the 70 seats.

After the defeat in Delhi, many BJP leaders and its alliance are taunting Modi and BJP. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) Chief Raj Thackeray made a cartoon whereas Uddhav Thackeray passed various statements against Modi. To a certain extent, the statements by Uddhav Thackeray are correct. It is the reaction of Delhi people fighting Delhi on the charisma of Narendra Modi. In any election, poll plan should be an important issue of good governance, anti-corruption and incompetency etc. Local political issue must be on the election floorboard which should be echoing in the electoral campaign. The defeat in a small battle is a wakeup call for BJP to abandon the arrogance of top leadership. Top leadership of BJP should accept the criticism from alliance party and be better prepared for tough competition ahead. Shiv Sena also cautioned BJP and asked people of Maharashtra to learn lessons from the outcome of Delhi Assembly results.

After Shiv Sena, MNS took a dig at BJP for losing the Delhi Assembly elections. Raj Thackeray, who is also a political cartoonist, has sketched a cartoon on the Delhi poll result. The cartoon shows PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah as twin towers under attack by AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal. It also shows US President Barack Obama watching the attack on TV with reference of newspaper reports saying Modi used Obama for Delhi campaign.

Many BJP alliance alleged BJP of displaying egoism. Workers also alleging that Modi and Amit Shah are imposing decisions on them without taking party workers into confidence. BJP needs to introspect itself. Party still has four years in hands. They can revive themselves. However, if hereafter they make mistakes then people will not vote them next time. Indian voters know very well the differences between good leaders and selfish administration. There is no tolerance within the party, they attack each other.

Anyway, there is no point in BJP leaders taking so much pain to protect PM Modi from criticism. Currently, he is the most visible face of BJP. If the outcome of Delhi polls result would have been different then these leaders would have given all credit to the Prime Minister! Insulating the leader from adverse outcome is the usual strategy of a certain dynastic communal party, and has resulted in a lot of ridicule being heaped upon them. Our PM has the ability that allows him to handle the good and the bad with equal grace. When everybody in the country and the international press is making the Modi responsible for the Delhi election outcome, BJP leaders were turning blame on Bedi. What credibility they have, it actually reflects badly on the PM. Delhi polls are absolutely a referendum against Modi and not against BJP. Did you get it? The high-flying Modi was given a warning by the voters for indulging in “acts”, besides total failure in fulfilling the promises!

BJP has failed on its promised issues and indulged in show business. Common man of this country expected too much from Modi believing his campaign promises. They failed on Black money. Rape and molestation cases are increasing day by day. After nine months of rule, corruption is still a menace. Nothing has changed for common man, rather they are living in fear because of unwanted issues like Ghar Wapsi, ‘fatwas’ by Hindu leaders for producing more children. Modi turned blind eye on these major issues.

Whatever happened in Delhi is the victory of democracy in India. Now, I am assured that real democracy is living in India. Voters are smarter now; they will not fall prey to your promises and show off. Once again I remind BJP that you still have four years to gain confidence and good will of people. Else, this would be your last tenure and hereafter making way to power would be quite difficult for you.

Dr. Vaidehi Taman
Dr. Vaidehi is an Investigative Journalist, Editor, Ethical Hacker, Philanthropist, and an Author. She is Editor-in-Chief of Newsmakers Broadcasting and Communications Pvt. Ltd. Since 11 years, which features an English daily tabloid – Afternoon Voice, a Marathi web portal – Mumbai Manoos, monthly magazines like Hackers5, Beyond the news (international) and Maritime Bridges. She is also an EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Security Analyst and is also a Licensed Penetration Tester which she caters for her sister-concern Kaizen-India Infosec Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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