One more Congress hurdle cleared for Modi


Ahead of General Elections, 2002 riots case was hanging like a naked sword on BJP’s Prime Ministrial candidate NarendraModi. Congress and media had already declared him communal and a culprit. Some NGOs were hell-bent on bashing him. However, Gujarat court on Thursday gave clean chit to him in 2002 riots. The court rejected the petition of ZakiaJafri, whose husband EhsanJafri was burnt alive during the riots, challenging the closure report of a Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team.Zakia’s husband, former Congress MP EhsanJafri, was killed in the riots along with 69 others in one of the worst massacres at Gulbarg Society in Ahmedabad on February 28, 2002. Proceedings in the matter ended on September 30. It was on September 12, 2011 that the Supreme Court had said it would no longer monitor the case after the SIT cleared Modi of the accusation that he had failed to discharge his constitutional duty to intervene swiftly to stop communal riots. The case was sent back to the lower court.

Gujaratis are the people to judge Modi. They have voted him to power three times consecutively. If they held him guilty of the charge, they wouldn’t have chosen him to be the CM for threeterms. This very fact absolves him of any such malicious charges. He has proved his worth as an able administrator; the US which declined him Visa too has acknowledged this fact. Undoubtedly, he deserves to be a Prime Ministerial candidate. Little of elegance and modesty – that is what it takes to change insights. Modi was defined by the Gujarat riots of 2002 because he has not been tactful enough to confess, despite attacks from all corners over a decade. He never said the riots were unfortunate and that he feels sorry for the lives lost. His prime, and ineradicable, identity has been that of a hardcore Hindu nationalist. The image makeover as the messiah of development came after 2007. For people who arefollowing him since Ayodhya Ram Temple Movement, through the riots of 2002 and the Gauravyatra, it would be difficult to set him apart from political Hindutva, with all its negative implications.

Modi had announced three-day Sadbhavana fast to embrace Muslims. The fast, started on his 61st birthday on September 17, 2011 had launched his campaign to become BJP’s prime ministerial candidate. Since 2002 till now, not a single riot happened in Gujarat. All the people are living in peace. When a mistake happens, it has to be rectified and not be repeated again, that’s how life goes. However, by raising 2002 riots issue, again and again Congress and other so called secular parties are playing communal politics. When Modi became CM of Gujarat, Congress was not happy and they were trying to capture power in this state like they took power in Karnataka. So, Congress made a plan for newly, administratively inexperiencedModi by burning a train at GodhraRailway Station in which majority of children and women were killed. Congress knew that Hindus will definitely react to this. Everyone was in a hurry to declare him responsible for 2002 riots, but the SIT claimed that it could not find any prosecutable evidence against the accused persons regarding their involvement in the alleged conspiracy behind the riots. It had even refused to treat IPS officers like RB Sreekumar, Rahul Sharma and Sanjiv Bhatt as witnesses on the ground that their statements are hearsay evidence. On the other hand, Zakia has alleged that the SIT has been shielding Modi and others by not believing statements given by these police officers and neglecting the available evidence. Zakia has accused the SIT of playing the role of a court by adjudging the truth of the available evidence. Her lawyers contended that the investigation was incomplete and the probe agency had not even done it seriously. On the opinion of amicus curiae RajuRamachandran that Modi may be prosecuted for inciting communal hatred, the SIT has said that there is no evidence to prosecute him, and the incident alleged was beyond the ambit of its probe. Anyways,Modi got clean chit here.

Congress is planning its plan B to get Modi again.The union government has cleared an inquiry into whether NarendraModi and his government in Gujarat illegally spied upon a young woman architect. The Centre’s plunge into the controversy known as “stalk-gate” has been revealed by the BJP. Stalk-gate rests upon secretly-recorded phone conversations in 2009 between a former senior police officer in Gujarat, GL Singhal, and other members of the anti-terror squad in the state. Singhal submitted many of these tapes to the CBI. The conversations allegedly establish that the woman was being tailed at the instructions of a “saheb” or big boss – Modi, according to the Congress. I hope the probe will start very soon and the Sahebwill come out of it and once again,Modiwill clear his test…



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