Friday, July 30, 2021
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Opposition’s only poll agenda is ‘Modi Ka Vinash’, says Narendra Modi

Even as the first phase of polls in Bihar is under way, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a direct attack on JD(U)-RJD combine and said that their only agenda is to ensure the fall of Narendra Modi.

Addressing a mammoth gathering here, Modi said, “All BJP leaders say give us vote for the development of Bihar, it is our only agenda…and what do they say…they keeping on saying that we will ensure ‘Modi ka vinash’ (fall of Modi).”

“Is ‘Modi ka vinash’ an election issue…daily they say this and one leader even says that once Bihar is over, Modi will be finished off in Delhi as well,” he added.

“Democracy is not meant to be used to ensure someone’s fall but is meant to ensure that the aspirations of people are fulfilled,” Modi said.

Exhorting people to vote for the BJP, Modi said, “It is after 30 years that people of Bihar have decided to have a government that will be friendly with the Centre.”

“Bihar now needs a government that will be accountable in Bihar as well as Delhi. I want to work for Bihar but if there’s a government here that will create roadblocks then no matter how much I try I will not be able to develop Bihar,” he added.

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