Out of the box methods needed to bring in drastic change

Anarchy may have to precede the passage to a people’s democracy. AAP may be the chapter one in that passage. Shatter from within and smash from nothing systems that do not work for the people cannot be for the people and of the people. Arvind Kejriwal’s decision to invite the public to join his protest at the ‘high-security zone’ worsened the law and order situation in the area. The Delhi Police were forced to deploy extra security in the area. Arvind Kejriwal, while protesting over his demand for the suspension of Delhi Police personnel, who have been accused by his administration of dereliction of duty, said ninety per cent of the crimes take place with the knowledge of the police. I agreed with him, in India, police department needs urgent reform, most of the time police is behaving like ‘Gundas’ in uniform. I want to mention one of my experiences here; my gold chain was snatched from the neck in suburban local train between the Goregaon and Jogeshwari station. I went to the Railway Police for registering a complaint, they were not ready to register a complaint first but after lots of struggle my complaint was entertained and I was asked to wait till I get a call from the police, on further developments. After few days, I visited the police station to get the status of the complaint but no use. Then after some time almost every day I was visiting the police station.

Finally, one day the irritated police officer asked me to produce the design and receipt of purchase of my chain. On the 15th day after the incidence, I furnished the documents demanded by them. On 20th day, they got familiar with my face and they also came to know that I am a journalist. I lost my patience, and decided to do story on this pathetic behaviour of the police. However, on that day, the officer in charge immediately summoned some history-sheeter chain snatchers who used to commit robbery in suburban trains to the police station. Officer asked me to do identity parade of these history-sheeters. When I nodded my head in no then they showed me photo album and asked me to identify from that if any faces out of these were around at the time of incidence. Finally, I identified one of the women who were in train but not around me.

Police summoned her, called her to ‘chauki’ (police beat) and interrogate her in their typical language. The lady returned from there, like this four days passed away. Finally, we came to know about the chain snatcher through a jeweller. I don’t know how police reached to that jeweller but my chain was sold to him. Till today, police is searching for the criminal. During this period, I encountered many sources in police chauki, who told me police is aware of each gang, jewellers and traders who buy stolen cell phones, gold chains and watches. These gangs work area wise. Police is very well connected with these gangs and they get regular Hafta from them too. Let it be Delhi or Mumbai or any other places, police are working hand in gloves with criminals around.

Kejriwal’s point is right. Police is never clueless about the local crime and criminals. Almost, 90 per cent of the crimes take place in the knowledge of the police which is extremely unfortunate and shameful. Kejriwal has set Dharna for public interest, he is not doing it for personal benefits and that the people protesting there wanted to convey, that if any woman in the nation was raped, somebody had to take the responsibility. Yes, somebody is responsible. If a Danish woman is raped; the SHO of the area must be suspended. If a woman is burnt alive; the SHO of that area must be suspended. If a sex racket is going on; the ACP and the SHO of the area must be suspended. Unless harsh steps are not taken against police, no reform or change can take place. Delhi Government must be given charge of the city’s police force which currently reports to the central government via the Home Ministry. This demand comes after last week’s gang-rape of a Danish tourist, and a controversial midnight raid by Law Minister Somnath Bharti in South Delhi’s Khirki Extension area. The minister asked the police to arrest Ugandan citizens and raid a house where he alleged they were trafficking drugs and prostitute rackets are going on. The police refused Bharti by saying that they had no warrant against them.
Both the BJP and the Congress have severely criticised Kejriwal for his unprecedented protest. The BJP called it “anarchy”, while the Congress said he was “taking the law in his own hands”. According to the police, they also had to deal with false allegations and abusive languages from the protestors. Protest was right but that would have some direction. AAP ministers should keep in mind that they are not activists but respectable ministers in Delhi government and need to follow protocols. Meanwhile, Delhi police rather than cooperating with a long awaited honest government, were behaving immaturely. I am sure; every Delhiite must have witnessed prostitution and drug rackets going on in public with Police PCRs standing hardly 50mts away. Obviously, it can’t happen without any bureaucratic support. The colony people are frustrated with it. What about the human rights of those living in the Khirki extension? There are thousands of law abiding citizens with children of vulnerable age group. What human rights did to Nirbhaya that night, when she was sexually assaulted? Delhi government is taking steps to eliminate the scourge of immoral promiscuity, which goes on under the watchful eyes of the Delhi police. Humans have a right to work honestly and earn decent money. No society would knowingly allow these activities. Thanks to the Delhi government this has now come to the open. They are using all the cards to dampen the enthusiasm of the new government. Delhi police has now turned into a national shame. Delhi Police want to tarnish the image of AAP government. We really don’t deserve great people like Arvind Kejriwal as we only want to believe and expect system to get rectified magically. These old parties’ moron leaders want to sit in secretariat and they want us to beg them for each and everything. Let rapes continued to happen in Delhi till HM Shinde decides to transfer Delhi police to Delhi government or till our MPs grant full statehood to Delhi. Everybody wants a ‘Bhagat Singh’ but in a neighbour’s house. And if one raise up, we are terming him as anarchist. Neo-Colonialists will leave as own when neo 1947 comes. It is foolish to think beyond the realms of current rotten politics.