Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Parliament politics

The jibe and barb of members are taken rather seriously and attacks and counter attacks are part and parcel of parliamentary politics.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi deserves all praise for leading the country to a bright future. Instead of giving him credit even small flies like Kejriwal thought of criticising every now and then and landed in legal battles as well.  Similarly Dr. Manmohan Singh criticised Modi over demonetisation which was aired on National channels. Ex-PM was attempting to teach economics in the wake of demonetisation and trying his hand to blindly support his parent party. But on the other hand, he was FM and then PM when all the scams occurred and brought loss to the exchequer. Pot calling the kettle black was not in good taste and PM Modi was waiting for his chance to channelise his thoughts to action and paid him in his own coin. Ex-PM was silent but the Congress party men were trying to poke their nose and walked off from Rajya Sabha. If PM was provoked for no fault of his then he has every right to give back in the same coin at an appropriate time.

Calicut Dorai

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