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Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Paying media to seek publicity

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“My buffaloes are more famous than Queen Victoria

–         Azam Khan

After this statement, I feel it would be better if they nominate buffalo as their prime ministerial candidate. She is capable of becoming a Samajwadi party leader due to her popularity. Nowadays leaders are issuing various kinds of statement for the sake of achieving fame and remain in news. Azam Khan is not the only leader who is publicity hungry there are many others like Union Minister Beni Prasad Verma who has stirred up another controversy by stating that nothing was wrong in spending Rs two to four crores on media as he was only “investing money to get good returns” in terms of publicity. BJP had criticised Beni Prasad Verma for making Congress activists and journalist’s members of the Council and allegedly distributing cash and gifts to them at its meeting. Without any guilt and in an unapologetic manner Beni stated that BJP is making a hue and cry over this issue as it’s an economically poor party and doesn’t have money to pay the journalist. Verma also added that he would pay the media as it was playing a big role in giving him publicity which needs to be acknowledged.

The question is not about Beni Prasad paying journalist for gaining popularity but it is about the journalist’s ethics and integrity. Despite this controversy, none of the political parties raised any objections when this news had grabbed headlines. Are those journalists really watching?  I just want to quote, Hello journalist those who have accepted these kind of pay and perks to promote leader are you guys really listening to how these politicians give it back’

People are accusing media to paid media paid coolies, political workers. Isn’t it a blot on journalism altogether. Let’s forget about Beni Prasad Verma and talk about saffron saint Shankaracharya who slapped journalist when he asked his opinion about the prospects of Narendra Modi becoming prime minister. Later, Shankaracharya asked from where do this political questions originate in divine and spiritual places and why to drag shrines into controversy.

At the same time, journalists are slapped, threatened, paid and unfortunately some of them are raped too. Tehelka is one of the biggest examples of a reputed journalist’s fall into disgrace. On the other hand, Cobra post is considered to be the mouthpiece of Congress. Recently, Caravan magazine mentioned about Swami Aseemanand statement in which he claimed that the RSS leadership had sanctioned the “Hindu terror conspiracy” that included the blasts in Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid and Ajmer Sheriff.  There is no clue where this politico journalism tradition is heading?

Politicians are issuing statements only to remain in limelight. Beyond that the ethics of journalists is lost. Very few journalism genre like parallel media which is trying to maintain its integrity but they are are not getting their due on account of vested interests prevailing in the industry. Thus the banner, power and hypocrisy have to be questioned. Instead of merely debating on political statements one should really have courage to question the journalist’s credential too.

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