Pentala Harikrishna beats Nepomniachtchi in Moscow chess meet

Indian Grand Master Pentala Harikrishna defeated Russian GM Ian Nepomniachtchi in his eighth-round tie in the Moscow FIDE Grand Prix.

The World No. 16 Indian, playing with black pieces, was pushed on to his backfoot in the initial stages of the game but capitalised on his opponent’s mistake to restore balance into the game.

“It was a very complicated game. White was better after the opening, but then Ian made a mistake and gave me an opportunity to equalise positions,” Harikrishna said.

With time running out due to time control, Harikrishna remained patient as the Russian kept him under pressure as he went all out for the win.

The Hyderabadi baited his opponent and rolled him in as soon as he committed a mistake to take the game away from him.

“Coming to time control, Ian continued to play for a win, but this led into a better position for me. I played the correct moves and brought my King over the whole board to c1, to claim the victory,” he added.

After claiming his second victory of the tournament, Harikrishna climbs up to 12th position on the table, taking his total to four points.

He will take on Teimour Radjabov of Azerbaijan in his last round game in the quest to achieve a higher rank in the tournament and for a spot at the Candidates tournament.