Monday, June 21, 2021
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Plastic ban – a welcome change

The civic body takes all remedial measures and fine tune the law to put government’s plastic ban in order.  It is quite challenging and welcome move. Some of the states like Kerala have taken up the task of banning plastic and succeeded.  In the first phase the ban likely to start from 100 municipal markets and slowly spread to other places as well. Again, it is a welcome initiative to allow women Self-help groups will be allotted space in the market to sell cloth as well paper bags.  This will help out to do away with plastic bags and give the Self-help groups to boost their small scale business to better heights. Recycling plants established will see that that the banned plastic bags get a useful shape in the days to come. Presently plastic bags, thermocol, dishes, cups, plates, glasses, forks, bowls, spoon, straws, pouches are banned to make way for good and a go green beginning.

Chandrasekherapuram Subramaniam

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