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PM offered no immediate relief: Ashok Chavan

Maharashtra Congress chief Ashok Chavan termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s televised address to the nation as an act of “dangling the carrot.”

“The address was more of a political speech. There is no immediate relief offered by Modi. The demonetisation decision has competed 50 days, but he did not offer any major relief to people,” said Chavan.

“People, mainly from rural areas are suffering more. There has been no crucial decision taken in this regard,” Chavan, a former Maharashtra Chief Minister, added.

Echoing similar views, Mumbai Congress president Sanjay Nirupam said the PM had failed to provide relief to citizens suffering due to demonetisation. “Just like Modi has been touring the world as India’s first foreign minister, he has presented the Budget. What will (Finance Minister) Arun Jaitley do in February?”, he questioned.

“It was expected that Modi will provide relief to citizens, but the restrictions on withdrawing their own money remain. There was no word on how much black money has been collected and whether corruption had stopped. He did not say a word on how many new notes have been printed so far,” Nirupam said.

“If high denomination notes result in generation of black money, why a Rs 2,000 note was introduced,” Nirupam, a former MP, asked. “At the end of 50 days, Modi has failed to give relief to citizens,” he charged.

Nirupam also claimed that Modi has not referred to small traders, farmers, who were suffering and those who had died waiting in queues outside banks, in his televised address.

In a bid to soften the blow of demonetisation effects, Modi tonight announced a hosts of sops for rural and urban poor, middle class, women and senior citizens while sending out a tough message that law will come down with “full force” against the “dishonest”.

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