Friday, June 25, 2021
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Political corruption

It refers to the Bihar Chief Minister providing a bullet-proof Toyota Fortuner SUV instantly on demand to his predecessor Jeetan Ram Manjhi when the later went to meet Nitish Kumar, without usual file-movement or other government-formalities bypassing all rules and procedures. This can be possible only when democratically elected leaders behave like monarchy rulers. Bihar Chief Minister should make it clear how such replacement of car for former Bihar Chief Minister was done without proper verification bypassing normal government-procedure. Bypassing government-procedure is also a corrupt practice.

It is beyond understanding why tax-payers are unnecessarily burdened by white elephants present in form of former Chief Ministers. Already Supreme Court is seized with nuisance of government-bungalows to former Chief Ministers. Even in strongest democracy of world US President is provided with half of last drawn salary as only post-retirement benefit. But unfortunately in biggest democracy of the world, India has a totally unjustifiable practice of political rulers both at centre and in states gifting themselves with such luxuries at public-expense. Supreme Court while hearing petition on government-bungalows to former Chief Ministers, can also take cognizance of other privileges enjoyed by former Chief Ministers.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

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