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Poverty responsible for religious conversions

People are smart enough to understand about the consequences of converting into other religion. Even if the Anti-Conversion bill is passed people who wants to embrace new religion will get converted even the con activities, which is hugely practiced my Christian missionaries or Muslim outfit will not stop. It is all about the faith and devotion we possess towards our own religion and also our love towards it.

Anti-Conversion law shouldn’t be considered as an important topic with reference to the caste system prevalent in India. When we talk about casteism in India first of all we need to think about caste based reservation which is one of the most irrelevant laws.

Why do we need reservation for minorities as it should be provided to people belonging to poor financial background? How many Brahmins are poor and as their children are unable to secure admission in reputed colleges. Though their children are intelligent enough they continue to struggle in life and face hardships due to their religious background.

On the other hand, Dalit’s OBC’s, SC and people belonging to backward classes are pompously wealthy living in mansions. Some of them are holding senior positions in government firms as they have been provided reservations.

Why do people belonging to backward caste oppose marriage with people belonging to upper caste? It’s because people belonging to upper caste are poor as compared to people belonging to lower caste as many of them are rich hence they disapprove the alliance.

Being an Indian, we shouldn’t worry about Hindus embracing Islam or Christian. Instead we need to take efforts to abolish poverty for preventing such forceful conversions. We all know that Christian missionaries are funded by overseas institutions that lure people to get converted into Christianity. Recently a Christian couple was taken into custody under the state’s anti-conversion law from Bitnera village, about 30 kms from district headquarters Khargone, after a Hindu woman alleged that she had been offered Rs 5,000 every month if she gets converted to Christianity.

Religion has become a commercial business today. If the custodians of churches, temples, and mosques are really so holy let them follow the teachings themselves before preaching others. Jesus Christ himself said, “If you want to follow me, first go sell what you have, give it to the poor and then take up your cross and follow me.” Unfortunately, the most simple of religious teachings are the most difficult to follow.

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