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I am a product of my mother’s disadvantages, says Octavia Spencer

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Octavia Spencer says she owes her success in life to her mother, Dellsena, whom the actor lost when she was 18.

For the 45-year-old Oscar-winner, her mother continues to be her biggest inspiration, who did everything in her power to provide for her children in the best possible manner.

“The woman who has inspired the most is my mother. I am a product of her disadvantages in life, and she tried to make sure that we took advantage of all of the opportunities that were afforded to us,” Spencer told People magazine.

The “Hidden Figures” star says her mother taught her to be humble and hard working.

“We had more than she did, and a lot less than a lot of people, even to this day. So she is the one woman that I credit everything to,” she said.

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