Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Rahul blames Modi for demonetisation

Rahul Gandhi’s remark calling note ban a “Modi made disaster” clearly shows that he always rants and attacks Modi without thinking and has no original policies of his own. When the majority of the population support the fight against ‘Black money’ he blames Modi. Because of his immaturity the Congress is failing badly in the country. Time and again Rahul has proved himself by making such silly statements that he is unfit for the post he is holding which was handed over not based on his hard work but because of the family name tag. The Congress has all these years been sustaining on the mystique of Gandhi surname which is like balloon. Citizens all over India are appreciating the demonetisation campaign undertaken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Though the common man might be facing temporary hardships, we see people standing in long queues rejoicing that Modi has taken this bold step to eradicate loads of black money stacked up in the country. It is high time that Rahul is educated by his own party about the effect of demonetisation which is resorted to whenever the black money menace becomes unbearable and erodes the very basis of the economy. Congress is needlessly exposing itself by providing weak and baseless arguments and thereby losing whatever little support they have among the informed public opinion. Rahul’s statement on Modi calling note ban “Man-made disaster” reveals the fact that he doesn’t have realized the far-reaching consequences of demonetisation and its effect on Indian economy.

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