Monday, June 14, 2021
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Rahul Gandhi indulging in cheap publicity

Nobody in politics today is as pure as the river Ganga (Ganga itself has become polluted today) but Rahul Gandhi’s cheap publicity stunt of bribery against Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no takers and the ‘Earthquake’ which he had promised did not even make a leaf shake on the tree. You have to talk about your own ‘positives’ to succeed in politics and talking about ‘negatives’ of your opponent will take you nowhere. The Congress ruled the country for a long tenure after independence. Corruption prospered under their tenure in the form of scams worth lakhs and crores of rupees and Rahul Gandhi has made a laughing stock of himself by his silly remarks of bribery of a few crores of rupees which he equated to an earthquake. Time for Rahul to take a fresh guard and do good for the people with his actions (by keeping mouth shut) if he wants to succeed in politics in future. Demonetization may have gone wrong as far as implementation was concerned but the intention to curb black money was right and let us all support Modi in his efforts to eradicate corruption from our shores. It is surely an uphill task but that is no reason why one should not make an effort to achieve this goal which is in national interest if India is to progress and become a super power in future.

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