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Rekindle old friendship

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Old friendship, college friends, school friends, facebook, whatsapp, friendship, friends reunion, friends foreverOld friendship can be established through Facebook and you can collect details of all your old college mates and establish fresh relationship after missing out for so many years. It all began asking around on the numerous Whatsapp groups I’m a part of, to see how many people we could gather for the event.

A large number of my friends and I signed up. I got to know about my old friends after so many years through posts on the Facebook group, where there is constant reminiscing about the good old days. We drew closer and the Facebook group got increasingly active, I realised I wanted to make it to the event and that too preferably, with someone from my batch. It is time to keep the mind-body connection–the relationship between stress and disease.

After completing college if you stay in the same place then you can establish better contacts. When you go out for jobs, the contacts are lost and when you leave the country for some overseas assignments then you lose contact with your friends. It is difficult to make a reunion in big cities like Mumbai. Those days in 1960s and 1970s, there were no mobile phones and keeping contact under such a situation is quite impossible.

The reunion is now made possible by the social media and you can find out your friends if you know the full name and search his old photo for identification. It takes time to go through details and pass on the information and form a group for the mutual establishment of lost relationship. Eventually, all the groups began to merge — after all, we were all ex North Madras Chennai collegians and separated looking for job. We exchanged pleasantries and started sending photographs through Whatsapp.

The senior citizens reminisced the ‘good old days’ spent at their alma mater exactly fifty years back. As part of the golden jubilee reunion, the oldies will have to make contacts and bring them together in one platform and went nostalgic on noticing the drastic changes the campus had undergone in these years. Even a batch of ten arrived at the college along with their better halves and recalled the sweet memories of their college life. The alumni must also decide to hold such similar meetings once in two years at a common place. They get nostalgic on noticing major changes in their life graph for that matter.

There are one-stop solution for all your alumni networking needs. The interactive alumni portals come with all the features required to manage former students relations seamlessly. Trusted Official Alumni Engagement Partner for Prestigious Institutions and Corporates arrange everything in a decent way as event managers and make your dream come true. In all it is happy reunion of friends from all walks of life and from every nook and corner of the country.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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