Monday, September 27, 2021
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Reservation – A bane for our development

Our government is not doing two things which are very necessary for our national development. Commence phasing out reservation in jobs like SC, ST, OBC etc; and announce population control measures. Only creamy layer has benefitted from such reservations. Population is increasing day by day and our available resources are limited. As an example, we don’t get enough fruits at reasonable price and quality.

Government is more interested in being a better “abbu” to Muslim girls. I had a colleague belonging to reserved category and he will emphatically say, “We don’t want honest people in the government.” Our country will not develop properly unless we respect merit. Even for the post of peon or junior clerk or patwaris, very highly qualified people are applying because we have not prepared them for employable skills. Even with MOU with the Israelis we find films and not skill enhancement programme. Discipline is another important matter. Why is Israel powerful? Because its citizens are well trained and disciplined. We are conveniently neglecting this part. If you look into our cabinet, half of them may be found unskilled and physically unfit. Look at the education, fitness and national service of Benjamin Netanyahu. They don’t have any sort of reservation. So let’s pick up courage and start doing away with present reservation system.

Mahendra Singh

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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