Sunday, July 25, 2021
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IT returns filing extended till August 5

As the IT filing website crashed on the last day of filing of the return, the last date has been extended till August 5.  There was yeat another version also.  As the government was ready to extend for few more days, the crashing took place to pave the way for an extension of filing last date.  In the last minute decision, the government extended the deadline for filing Income Tax Returns (ITRs) till Aug 5 in a move to get more income by way of taxes in the next five days and allowing tax payers to file their return without penalty. The move was initiated because of the difficulties faced by the tax payers.  The last minute inundation and heavy logging on the official website of the e-filing portal led to the extension of five more days for filing the ITRs by tax payers.  Initially, there were strict orders passed, and the chances of an extension was not in the pipeline. With the new order public as well Chartered accountants, companies, shops, and establishments can file ITRs by taking more time and make necessary last minute corrections wherever needed and see that the work is done within the stipulated time as further extension of a day may be allowed after August 5. It is a right move in the right direction paving the way for tax payers to make much-needed arrangement in the limited period and avoid paying the penalty to the government.

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