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Ring out the old, ring in the new

So we have entered the new year – 2015. A new beginning with lots of hopes that this year will turn out to be better and prosperous and for all. Many make resolutions but don’t follow it. The funny part is that people have made resolutions years ago and yet with every new year they make the same decisions, because old habits die hard. But efforts and strong will-power is required so that your new resolutions are not broken.

Well on New Year’s Eve everyone has different style of ushering in the new year as many resorts, clubs and restaurants come up with various offers; some party crazily (house parties), few visit religious places, some go out on long drive to some waterfall or hill station, and there are many other unique ways of celebration with loved ones. Mumbaikars gather at famous places like Marine Lines (promenade), Gateway of India, beaches, etc to welcome in the new year. While there are some few who sleep it out as in when all are eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 12 and party, these are sleeping peacefully in their bed as if it’s like any normal day (how boring!).

A new year is something special the new chance to begin afresh and not think about the past. It’s new year so just be happy, live and enjoy the moment. One vivid memory I remember is the burning of the old man (made out of hay, waste paper and clothes, firecrackers). I appreciate this idea which takes away all the bad and sad memories of the year gone by. This practice of burning the old man on 31st night has been happening since a long time, and though it contributes a lot to the air pollution but the emotional appeal associated with it is what makes it a pleasant thing. People subconsciously just pour out their negative/worst memories and incidents of the year, so that all their sorrows, sadness and problems are burnt and they wait that this year shall bring with it a lot of happiness, success and love. Every year teaches you something as you meet many people, some who influence your life so much and others who are influenced by yours; thereby making the year all the more memorable and creating sweet cherished memories for a lifetime.

Along with the new year, we always get ready to buy new clothes, to meet new people and to face the challenges that the year will bring on. But with new start we should try to change for the better and make a resolution which will in a small way prove beneficial for the environment and society. Step into the new year with realistic aims to achieve and enjoy the feel of accomplishment before 2016 arrives. And yes most importantly, don’t repeat the same mistakes committed last year rather learn from them. Wishing you all a very happy and fun-filling, exciting new year, enjoy!!

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