Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Round the clock services in Mumbai

Mumbai works round the clock and government’s decision to let malls, shops and restaurants do business 24×7 deserves applause. Mumbai must be one of the busiest cities in the world and govt rightly thought the need to keep entertainment and service sector open round the clock to facilitate development and progress to make Mumbai a truly advanced global city. Time is money in Mumbai and citizens no longer will have to worry to shop for their essentials, their entertainment needs etc. which will now will be taken care of to suit their schedule. The govt too benefits by way of additional income as revenues for people attract taxes which is income for the govt. Corruption would decrease as no need for establishments to pay bribes which they were paying before to do business at night. Some negatives like extra police force required can be taken care of by extra revenue the govt earns and by digitisation as well as technology where everything can be monitored by satellite to keep the city safe and buzzing. Tourism and business too would get a boost which means Mumbai competes with the best of global developed cities in the world!

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