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Safety measures for actors not given importance in India, says Sonu Sood


Expressing grief over the demise of two Kannada stuntmen during a film shoot, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has said it is sad that in India, there are not enough measures to ensure an actor’s safety.

Actors Uday and Anil drowned while shooting for a Kannada movie after they jumped off a helicopter into the Thippagondanahalli reservoir, 35 kms west of Bengaluru, on Monday afternoon.

A motorboat stationed on the banks to pull the actors out of the water developed a last-minute snag and remained ashore, resulting in the tragedy.

Sonu said he himself has been part of many such films which did not have a safety net for its cast and crew.

“I feel so bad. I watched the videos. It’s pure negligence and I can’t believe people can be this negligent that two stuntmen were diving and they were saying that they didn’t know how to swim. They didn’t have the safety measures.

We do so many films, even I have realised that sometimes we are made to do stunts which do not have adequate safety measures,” the 43-year-old actor told reporters.

Citing an example of his upcoming Indo-Chinese project “Kung Fu Yoga”, co-starring action star Jackie Chan, Sonu said there was a not a single day when an ambulance and doctors weren’t present on the set and he feels it is high time such measures are adopted for actors in India.

“I did a film with Jackie Chan and saw that every day there was an ambulance, doctors on the set. But in India, sadly these precautions are not take care of. We don’t have the equipments, measures, or those people who are very important for an actor’s safety,” he said.

“It is high time we got on our toes and adopt safety measures.If an actor is not taken care of, who will take care of the stuntman? No excuses. Strict action should be taken,” Sonu added.

He was speaking at an event of fruit importer IG international and BelOrta where the actor launched the fruit Belgian conference pears.

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