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Saqlain feels ICC’s 15-degree relaxation way too much for his ‘Doosra’ invention

Former Pakistani off-spinner Saqlain Mushtaq feels that International Cricket Council (ICC)’s 15-degree relaxation in the current era for delivering ‘Doosra’ is way too much.

Mushtaq, who invented the mystery ball, reportedly revealed that he never faced any difficulty in managing the away going delivery due to his technique.

The ‘Doosra’ inventer denied to comment on the official rules for the delivery of his invention now and said that it is ICC’s job to look into the matter, The Nation reported.

Mushtaq said that ‘Doosra’ can be delivered with the normal bowling action as well, but the current bowlers have to better their techniques and work harder on it to attain perfection.

Under the ICC regulations, a bowler is reportedly allowed to flex the elbow of his bowling arm at an angle of delivering the ‘Doosra’, which an off-spinner bowls to drift away the ball after pitching instead of coming in to a right-handed batsman.

However, Mushtaq feels that the 15-degree relaxation is way too much and reportedly revealed his own example that he used an array of muscles to deliver ‘Doosra’ cleanly.

Mushtaq said that his grip was different and that he used the back shoulder muscle in tandem with the front-foot and the calf muscle to deliver the ‘Doosra’ with ease, adding that it is not impossible to do it cleanly.

Mushtaq, who claimed 208 wickets in 49 Tests for Pakistan from 1995 to 2004, said that his era was different, but now, when the ICC has already relaxed the limit, the players should live with it and move on instead, the report added.

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