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Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Satyapal Singh conceals information about unpaid dues

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Anil Galgali AV

Former Mumbai Police Commissioner and BJP MP Satyapal Singh’s withheld information about unpaid dues to the collector’s office in his election affidavit. Now he has sworn in as a State Minister in Modi’s Cabinet. RTI Activist Anil Galgali has filed application before Election Commissioner, Lok Sabha speaker and Prime Minister’s office that MP Satyapal Singh be stripped of his membership of Lok Sabha for defying election rules. Galgali said, “Former Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh concealed information about dues unpaid to govt and got rewarded with induction in the Central Ministry.”

Galgali had revealed that Satyapal Singh, had failed to pay Rs 48,420 fine imposed by collector of Mumbai suburbs, for renting out his flat at Patliputra Society, Andheri without proper permission as required by law. His flat is built on highly subsidised land provided for housing of top government officials and according to rules, he is bound to take collector’s permission after payment of prescribed fee. Collector issued him a notice on January 28, 2013 for payment of dues. Singh, then holding the post of Police Commissioner of Mumbai Police chose to overlook this notice and following reminders.

Satyapal Singh resigned from post of Police Commissioner to contest Lok Sabha election in 2014 and won Baghpat seat in Uttar Pradesh. Now, this fact has come to light that Singh has not mentioned these ‘Government dues’ in his election affidavit. The handbook for candidates of Lok Sabha election specifically states that candidates should furnish details on 5 counts as prescribed by Supreme Court judgment in Union of India v/s Association for democratic reforms. According to this provision, candidate is bound to reveal details of his criminal conviction, pending cases, assets, Government liabilities and educational qualifications in affidavit filed before election officer. The relevant rule 4 (3) prescribes that the candidate reveal ‘liabilities if any, particularly whether there are any old dues of any financial institution or government dues’.

Interestingly, a sex racket was also exposed by Mumbai police being run from his same flat no 1002 in Patliputra Society in June 2, 2014. In spite of an enquiry pending on the complaint filed by Anil Galgali, Satyapal Singh has been appointed as a Minister of State is “a sad state of affairs” as expressed by Galgali.

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