Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Science in awe of Rama Setu

American Scientists have accepted that the Rama Setu between India and Sri Lanka is man-made (not an imaginary). The American University Scientists have found this out after research and examination of the facts. It is unfortunate that what the American Scientists accepted and understood, the UPA-government did not even try to investigate. They only created a country wide debate on the fact of the Rama Setu being fact or fiction. But truth cannot be hidden for long, it will shine forth. The same thing has happened about Rama Setu, it has got scientific recognition and has confirmed and strengthened the religious beliefs of the people. Before commenting about religious beliefs, it is advisable to first examine them. Having no desire to know the facts is cause for their not studying this fact and making it an important political issue. Those who do not desire to know about religious stories should get to know and gather information from the findings of the American University Scientists. Foreign Scientists are doing research on the ancient India’s epics, what is our Archaeological Survey of India doing? This is the question that arises in our minds. Rama Setu is an excellent example of the how research should be done scientifically on religious information or epics. Those who created a political issue of the Rama Setu should apologise to the Nation for wasting the time of the people and also for the cases in court, and the design to blow up a part of it to make shipping cheaper.

Amit Padiyar

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