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The Secret dimensions of Manifestation

Hello again. This week, I am really excited to share some amazing knowledge that will help you to understand the law of attraction and create the life you want. In order to activate the law of attraction and to manifest our desires, we need to reach a deeper dimension of consciousness. Dimensions are not locations or places, they are levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate. Each dimension resonates at a higher rate than the one below. In each higher dimension, there exists clearer and wider perspective of reality. We experience more freedom, greater power, and more opportunity to manifest our desires in the higher dimensions. However, for higher dimension to be available to us we need to vibrate in resonance with it. This means delicately weaving the energy of words, thoughts, feelings and actions together. In order to create your manifested desires, you need to connect with your higher energy states of vibrations that are always available to you.

According to quantum science there are many parallel or probable futures that you create for yourself. Some of these may be weak and some strong. But there is generally only one that has the greatest possibility of manifesting because it has been fed the most energy through vibration. The greatest key to effectively manifest your desires and move into these higher states is to believe in your own power to create positive, loving, and abundant change in your life. Once you can reprogram your subconscious mind to believe in this power, your manifestations will show up much more quickly in your physical reality. By releasing lower vibrations of energy, you allow your higher energy to flow more freely and the desired results will happen faster. Try this exercise to move yourself into a higher vibrational state and reach your desired manifestation goals more rapidly.

To start off, realize the strength of your own magnetism. Whatever you choose to manifest begins in the outermost layer of the spiritual and energetic world. It works its way through the field until it becomes physically visible to you. Your desire is already manifested in this energetic world. If you can think of it, it is a reality in energetic form. With enough energy, it has no choice but to blend with your physical reality. It is your focused intend and emotional responses that magnetizes it into your physical world. The force you carry within is very powerful and is always magnetizing or drawing to you your reality. There is no question as to whether you possess this ability or not because you can see that new experiences are created in your life in every moment. In order to use this power that you possess to merge with what you desire, you must become a vibrational match to the energetic portion of that desire.

Close your eyes and imagine your body and the energetic field around you as a magnet. Take a moment to think about how a magnet works. How it quickly and powerfully draws to itself what it matches. Understand that you encompass the same type of energetic field. Imagine your desire that has already manifested in energetic form as being in a vibrational field that is just a few feet away from where you are sitting. Now, mentally see yourself activating and supercharging your magnetic field. Some find it easy to imagine turning on a switch somewhere in or on their physical body that initiates a strong magnetic pulse. My book “The Mind Switch” has a chapter about this idea in detail. As the strong pulse occurs see this desire that is already an energetic reality as moving closer towards you and you moving towards it. Notice how all of the universal forces renegotiate this energetic substance into physical matter. In your mind’s eye, see it merging itself deep into your spiritual, mental, and emotional self. Realize that it is beginning to take on more of a physical form. As you focus on this, hold on to the feeling that this desire brings. Your higher vibrational state is a natural creator. This provides the fuel for an even more powerful magnetic pull. See your mental atmosphere developing magnetic thoughts that align with your desire. In addition to pulling your desires closer to its physical state, these thoughts immediately transfer to your emotional body and feeling states. These feeling states function as your delivery service. They provide the strength necessary to solidify fulfilling life experiences. They are like a beam of light down a path that directs your desire even more accurately where to go. With your focused intent, you can notice that you are navigating your desire from the form of energy into the form of physical manifestation and bringing it into your physical reality. Use all your senses to feel how real it is. The feelings you produced from these sensations are downloaded and programmed into your subconscious mind. This aligns your vibrational state to your desire. Stay there for as long as you are able to feel the reality of it. Then gently move back into your daily routine. Repeat this exercise once or twice every day. Do not feel compelled to do it as a chore, just feel happy and excited each time you are doing it.

Happy manifesting.

Until next week

Stay Positive, Stay Abundant

Umesh Pherwani

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