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Seniors need a place for relaxation

Senior Citizens who have played a vital role in the upbringing of their children look forward to relaxation in their final years. They go out looking for fun and that include watching scenic beauty and that includes seeing the blue sky, the mountains in the backdrop, rivulets, bird watching and looking for an airy place to do his or her regular routine for doing work outs and a place to take shelter after the rigorous of morning or evening chores. Both parks and roadside food outlets serve the purpose. These places used to have a radio set to hear music. Fun activities for senior citizens help you keep the good times rolling well into the golden years. Whether you are a healthy retiree or a nursing home resident, there are activities that will suit your needs. When looking for fun activities for seniors, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. An activity doesn’t have to be labelled “for seniors” to be enjoyable. Thinking through the things you love most or that you have always dreamed of doing will give you a good starting point in finding the best activities for your lifestyle.

Any activity that encourages physical movement will help you build your body. However, before you embark on any new exercise regimen or physical activity, get your physician’s approval. A walk in your neighbourhood, at the mall, along the beach or around your favourite park is a great way to start the day. Work on your memoir or learn to write poetry. Reading books at your local library or bookstore will teach you the basics and get you started. Try writing your thoughts and memories down in a journal. Reading is great emotional therapy. You might even discover a hidden talent for writing.  Join a book or writer’s club in your community. It does not have to be just for senior citizens.

Intergenerational discussion can be stimulating for everyone in the group.  Develop the art of writing letters to the newspapers about the current issues and air your views. The efforts taken by you may fetch a few thousand rupees as the best letter or the letter of the week and thus you will develop the art of writing.  Again, collect the newspapers where your clippings were published and develop a scrap book, so as to enable you to show posterity to see your work in the media as a freelance writer or as a special correspondent if you have special knowledge about typical subjects.

After a hectic work out or after a busy day you need a place to relax and spend your leisure in a useful way. Chit chatting with your friends in a park or a garden will make your day a useful one.  Having lived in urban surroundings we look for activities to keep ourselves busy all the time and rest for half an hour in the afternoon. It is advisable to go for early sleep in the night and get up early in the morning to start the day on a promising note. Have time for prayers and keep yourselves clean with healthy habits. Instead of just whiling away time apply your mind by playing a game of chess or play few boards of carom to relax in the evening. Mix up with your pals in the hall meant for senior citizen and try to interact with maximum people and come out with valuable suggestions and pass on useful tips for escaping from health hazards. Participate in activities which can enrich the spirit of simple living and high thinking.

Jayanthy Subramaniam

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