Monday, September 20, 2021
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Silence is truly golden

Diwali, considered as a festival of lights, turned out to be a crack at the crackers. The sound pollution cause innumerable problems to human life. Silence is truly golden is true as far as the saying goes. It is very well known that Diwali is among the noisiest festival in metro city of Mumbai. Noise pollution is a nuisance which people will have to bear to save their ears. Noise pollution or unwanted sound is yet another form of environmental disturbance. Noise pollution is dangerous for human life. It affects the brain and prolonged exposure to noise may cause blood vessels to contract, sometimes resulting in hypertension. Let us care for the old and the patients in residential complexes and make sure that Diwali festival spreads less noise and maintain sound level at its minimum decibels and not exceed the maximum limit. Typically, patients with noise induced hearing loss have problems with high frequency sounds and it is time to guard yourself against exposure to noise. The continuous exposure to loud noise, usually in the range of 100dB to 110dB can result in hearing loss and it occurs suddenly. So it is time to have an environment free Diwali and that helps human to escape from both noise and air pollution.

Nickhil Mani

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