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Simple living and high thinking

Children are the future of our country and the parents have a vital role to play in their upbringing. In Australia, few month old babies were put on swimming pools and their country won many medals in Olympics and other swimming events.  In this regard, fathers come forward and take bold moves, whereas mothers tend to be somewhat conservative and scared of sending children out for adventurous sports and undertaking risky journeys. Children are trained in cricket from the age of five wearing headgear and other protective pads to face new ball bowled by pace bowlers. Sachin Tendulkar made his entry to International cricket as a teenager and played the game of cricket at the highest level for more than 20 years.

Spot them young is true for sports and other competitive activities.  Male members in the family failed to understand the implications in the mind of the child when they were going overboard with risky activities. There should be balance of thoughts and views amongst the parents. Mothers nurture the children and should ask them to follow the principle of simple living and high thinking. Parenting has improved leaps and bounds and the social media plays a crucial role in developing the minds of children.

If the child is having an inclination for science and we try to teach technology to him then he will face lots of hardships while learning the subject. Spot the talent at an early stage and give the child the much needed impetus to go through the motions in a best way possible. After all, the children are the future of the country and we all acknowledge the same in one voice. As our Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated time and again that we have more than 60 per cent of youth in the age bracket of 35 years and that is boon to the country.

Today’s parents especially mothers are well educated. Technology also plays a very important role in educating children in today’s fast paced world.  So, the parents are right and feel that their children should not be left behind in any of the ventures in this highly competitive world. Thus, the positive attitude among parents makes the children to undergo a tight schedule of learning. But that does not mean that the child should miss an opportunity of playing football for clubs during weekends and skip extracurricular activities. A fresh mind is needed to create fresh thoughts. The outdated and out modelled ways of learning of olden days should not be preached in the minds of child and we should move along with the world to give the child the cutting edge and make sure to achieve the desired level of knowledge. We should remember that knowledge is power and keeping abreast with the present developments will be the key for reaching the top.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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