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‘Social media is always harsh against ruling government’

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Shaina-NCShaina NC is an Indian fashion designer, politician and a social worker. She is the daughter of former Sheriff of Mumbai, Nana Chudasama, a well-known personality who is a director on the boards of several companies. For glamour value, she is a high-profile fashion designer and renowned socialite. A fashion designer, she is often referred to as Queen of Drapes. She holds a record in Guinness Book of World Records for draping fastest saree.

Shaina entered in politics in 2004 and joined Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). She holds the positions of National Spokesperson of the BJP, member of the National Executive Council of BJP and a treasurer of the party’s Maharashtra unit. Here are excerpts of the interview with our correspondent Akshay Redij

Tell us about your journey from fashion designing to BJP, two extreme different fields? What has fascinated you about politics?
I am a student of political science and law, and I always say fashion is my profession and politics my passion. And most people feel that what is she doing in the politics? I don’t think we should stereotype, I make my money in fashion, to be honest. People always say that Shaina is non-corrupt that is because I have profession to back me.

My first love is fashion designing. I am very fascinated by the Saree, and I drape it in 54 styles, and I think all Indians don’t realize what beauty of the saree is. You need to understand that saree is not just a national costume but it is named under 12 international garments.

As an individual and Nana’s daughter you have contributed a lot to this city. Now your party is in power what further welfare can we expect?
My father has always called himself a legitimate voice of descent; he has always believed that there are people who are part of the problem and part of the solution; we are all part of the solution.

I along with my father are associated with welfare or organizations like, ‘Mumbai Majhi Laadki’ which focuses on environment and ‘Giants International’ which works for the betterment of the society.

These days BJP’s new face is visible on television, hence your appearance will be limited here after? What is the biggest challenge as a spokesperson of the party?
Competition is okay, but you need to create your space and a spokesperson’s image, which I was very much successful in creating. I can effectively speak in front of 10,000 people. You either possess oratory skills or you don’t.

How is the support on social media from traditional BJP supporters?
Social media is always very harsh, and when you’re a part of ruling government it is harsher. When we were in the opposition people were more supportive towards us. I think people have too much expectations from us.

Shiv Sena is opposing the meat ban? Why is Sena always attacking BJP despite having an alliance with it?
It is not about alliance, if they want to discuss anything then they should do it in the house. The meat ban practice during the Paryushan festival began in 1964 when a resolution was passed which said that meat should be banned for one day during the Paryushan period. In 1994 the tenure was increased to two days. The Congress-NCP government passed another resolution of extending the ban to four days, which has been followed till date. People are targeting BJP over the meat ban but what mistake has our party committed as this practice had existed since 2004?

What are the BJP’s notable achievements after they came to power in the state?
Through the ‘Jan Hit Shibir’ programme we are providing relief to people affected due to drought. We have procured 5-lac solar power pumps for the farmers. We are constructing 50000 nullahs for constructions.

I believe we are heading in the right direction and we have succeeded a government which was involved in scams. We are trying to streamline things and undo the damage done by them.

These days people are criticizing about RSS’s influence on BJP. What is your take about it?
RSS is a nationalistic organization, which believes in Indian-nation building. Those people who are unaware about the outfit pass comments about it. RSS is the only organization comprising 40-lakh ‘Swayamsevaks’ who keeps India’s interest at the forefront.

How you deal with the unprofessional approach of media? These days many BJP leaders have addressed Media as Bazaru and Prestitute. What is your opinion about today’s media?
Some section of the media needs to be more responsible; they can’t have opinions and agenda for everything. Media should publish reports after verifying the facts and should not sensationalise news.

What is your message for our twitter readers in 140 characters?
Discuss, debate and find a solution to the problem. Don’t be judgmental on everything; always realize there can be two or three opinions on an issue.

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