Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Speed up Bhayander bridge repair work

It is almost nine months since the Bhayander bridge repairs began but there are no signs of completion as motorists woes continue to hog people on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway to the shock of all. A baby can be produced in nine months and townships as well as modern cities are erected in that period abroad but we are unable to repair a bridge in that period speaks about the high level of corruption prevailing in our country where infrastructure projects takes ages to complete so that people with vested interest can build their own mansions.

Thousands of gallons of fuel gets wasted every hour in traffic jams when motorists are stopped for over an hour to streamline traffic like one-way street from either side which results in loss of crores of rupees to the nation. A new bridge could have been constructed with the amount wasted on fuel lost in traffic congestion in a matter of few days if the work was done honesty through a private company.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi should pull up people responsible for the delay and Maharashtra CM too should look into the matter urgently and oversee its completion so that people’s hardships are put to an end once for and all!

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