Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Sterlite sorry state

What a great awearness and hope to realise the party whichever gave permission during the UPA regime and assembly segment have trailing features in spite political cards like cast, religion, creed etc. are played. Public realigation bring a scope to statesmen ruling than to politicians. If the company goes to court for damages, will the UPA partners pay as they were the ones that cleared, nurtured and also protected the project so long. Why don’t the politicians with vested interests condemn people who instigated violence. That should be correct to bring morality in society. Ninety nine days went peacefully and just like jallikattu the matter hotted up and who instigated the group of trained agents who started the violence. This industry is owned by the leader of the opposition in Tamil Nadu and he could have asked the owner to shut down, instead condemning the police and caused all the damages and became cause for deaths. It shows they are interested only in money and power, not people’s welfare. What did UPA when they were in power? Why the project was not closed without creating an issue. What about Cauvery water issue as of now congress is in power in Karnataka. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is true as far as Sterlite issue is concerned.

Nickil Krishnan

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